If you wish to appeal against a Charge Notice, you must do so within 21 days of the date of notice or within the time period stipulated in the notice/document you received. You can appeal by two methods, by using the online form below, or by sending your appeal to Emporium Parking, 10 West Lane, London SE16 4NY.

Non-payment will result in additional charges, which will be added to the value of the charge and for which the driver will be liable on an indemnity basis. If you wish to pay your charge now, please go to the payments page to start the payment process.

All appeals must detail the following:
  • Reasons for the appeal
  • Your name, address or e-mail, vehicle registration
  • Charge Notice number
  • Ensure you identify yourself as either the vehicle driver, keeper or both

Once an appeal has been received, the Charge will be placed on hold until your case has been considered. If you have supplied an e-mail address, you will normally be notified of the outcome of your appeal by e-mail.

Your appeal will be processed and a decision notice will be sent in writing or by e-mail (where provided) within 28 days from the date your appeal is received. Please contact us if you do not hear from us regarding our decision within 28 days. Do not assume that your appeal has been successful because you have not received a Decision Notice.

If your appeal is not approved and you live in England or Wales, you will be eligible to use the Independent Appeals Service – full details of how to use this service will be provided with any appeal decision.

Please note:
  • Appeals and charges cannot be lodged or considered over the telephone. Our telephone operatives will not be able to discuss the specifics of any charge notice over the phone or enter into discussion regarding any appeal or appeal decision.
  • Unfortunately, incomplete appeals or submissions cannot be considered.
  • If you have evidence to support your appeal please complete this form first and then submit your evidence to using the PCN number as a subject line. Photos and evidence sent without an appeal may not be considered.
  • You must be either the Registered Keeper or Driver at the time to submit an appeal. We cannot accept appeals from third parties (this does include relatives).
  • Once a PCN has been paid it is accepted as full and final settlement. As such no appeals service is offered on paid PCNs.

You may only appeal to Emporium Parking once, however, if you’re not happy with our decision you can appeal to the IAS – details of which will be given with our decision.


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